Castle Rock Party Center

Castle Rock is located in the Victorian House between Genito Rd. and Hull Street.
We are the reason why they call the shopping center Victorian Square.

Our Vision

Castle Rock’s vision is to allow individuals to dream, believe and imagine the possibilities of celebrating life and enjoying themselves in a safe and fun way. Our all-inclusive approach to parties allows parents to spend the time at their child’s event enjoying the memories rather than stressing over the details. Your child’s joy in experiencing life is undoubtedly important to you as a parent.

Dream! Believe! Play!

At Castle Rock each party is designed to encourage and indulge the imagination of every child, tween and young adults. We want children to just be children and to come and have fun while interacting in dramatic roles and creating new friendships.

Sit back, relax and allow us to manage your next event. We will make your party Dreams a Magical Reality!

Hear what people have said about us!

Over 20+ Themes

Every Package is created to give attention to detail and to make certain that our kids enjoyment is our priority. We are here to make every party exciting and memorable!


We notice all of the details to make sure that your event will be memorable. We grasp how important your child’s event is and understand the stress that comes along with planning one.

An Unforgettable Memory

Castle Rock creates the stage that will allow all children and adults to celebrate their life’s milestones to reflect their own personality and imagination and to simply enjoy the moment!